About DeeAnn Stack

   I began photographing my own children and my love for little people and the purity of their nature developed in me a desire to capture life’s precious moments.  After my first daughter was born I spent many hours admiring every stage of development and being able nab these occasions on film brought me great pleasure as I recognized how fleeting these moments are.  My husband bought me my first quality camera after our second daughter was born as he saw the love I had of documenting every point in time.  After our third daughter was born I had much time and skill developed behind the camera and able to produce quality work.  I am an on going student of this skill and know you never learn it all.  I took this know how further when I began to paint, I would stage and compose many scenarios I wished to capture on canvas, much of the time my photography produced the representation  in a much more favorable way leading me to hone in on this artistry. 
I spent over a decade working with women and children, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, looking past the bumps and bruises and seeing the person within. I’ve had the privilege of helping many families reclaim their lives.  After I retired from this profession I began photographing newborns and their families at the hospital.  My love for photography was once again ignited.  I have a burning passion to produce images that capture the emotion and beauty of each person and their role in the family. I have the unique ability to see the distinctiveness of each individual and bringing that to life in my images.

-DeeAnn Stack