Your Story Your Way:

Why have a birth photographer?

It is my job and commitment to you to capture the moments that matter to your family as you welcome your new family member to the family and witness the miracle of life that you will treasure forever. For you to remember the strength and love you have for each other and connecting with this new person as they enter into your life as they take their first breath.

First things first:

We meet together for a free birth consultation to get to know each other and go over a birth plan. I want to hear your desires as well as your concerns and to assure you of my commitment to preserve your story with dignity, respect and confidentiality. I will only share your images with your permission. I have a letter of consent allowing me to photograph your family and guarantees your privacy.

My commitment to you:

I will be on call for you 24/7 from 37 weeks until birth and will arrive at your place of delivery when you are moving into active labor. I will capture labor and delivery as well as those fresh moments after birth as you tenderly bond with your new precious baby.
I also offer coming back the next day to get those fresh newborn shots and the meet and greets.
In addition I offer lifestyle newborn sessions in the comfort of your home. There is no rush or pressure in these sessions; I’m there to capture the authentic and organic nature in this special time that you have within your new family. Or if you prefer I offer in studio newborn sessions using many of my adorable props,baskets and backgrounds.
My own experience of birthing three children and the priceless images that I have preserved, confirms my conviction as to the value of capturing the moments that cannot be repeated.
As a newborn hospital photographer for Five years and the many birth stories I’ve had the privilege to photograph I can assure you of my gift in handling your beautiful story as well as your precious new one.